Estoril Pricing


TaG Steel/Mag


Estoril Photos

*Estoril 100cc Ceramic/Magesium/Light Weight Pictured.

Estoril Features

  • 30mm Frame
  • 50mm Axle
  • Adjustable Wheel Base w/optional carriers
  • 3 Position Spindles
  • 5 Hole Steering Shaft
  • Sniper Linear Caster / Camber System
  • Adjustable F/R Ride Height
  • Removable F/R Torsion Bars
  • Removable 4th Rail
  • Adjustable Foot Supports
  • Magnesium Wheels
  • Aluminum Hubs / Cassettes (magnesium optional)
  • VEN05 Braking System (Steel or Ceramic)
  • Flat top Steering Wheel
  • NA2 Body Work

Optional Parts & Acc.

The following parts are available for purchase seperately or as part of a chassis package.

How to Order

To place an order, please call (925) 786-7865, or email us by using our Contact form.

We accept Cash, Credit Card (Visa/MC), Wire Transfers, and Checks (will ship when cleared).